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Before we get to hear what will make Sark get chirpy, we're back in the office, where
Sydney and Vaughn run into ...

Jack, who reveals Sark's demand: a visit to the late Mrs. Vaughn's grave, with Vaughn as his companion, and a peak at the body

Syd's all, ewwww, not nice to ask

but Vaughn says, yeah, sure, why not

Seems this is Lauren's graveyard - a special CIA place where dead guys are kept
when they want to keep the dead aspect of the guy a secret

Sark says, OK, show me the body

and Vaughn obliges

by triggering the coffin ejector button

and Sark gets his close-up look at the late leaky wife of Michael Vaughn

He gets all weepy and mushy, says he loved her and she loved him,

and wow, three bullet holes in triangular CIA pattern, accoriding to Sark - ooookkkaaaayyy

and wow, it's the non-decomposing body of Lauren Reed herself -
OK, did they use Rambaldi embalming fluid on her or what? According to the prop
experts at CSI and NCIS, shouldn't she look. well, gooey-er?

Now Sark's wiiling to chirp - he's got his peak, his closure, and a chance to needle Vaughn

and Vaughn's got his best imitation of Sam Spade - this guy needs a toothpick, though

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