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Back at the hospital, Weiss and Syd wait while Sloane visits Nadia

Sloane is all mellow, telling Syd it's not her fault, that even though Anna shot Nadia he just knows that Anna would never kill Nadia, cause he's got that faith

which amazes a skeptical Syd

But wait, this conversation with its Rambaldi overtones is interrupted by the tones
of a fire alarm, which sends these intrepid CIA agents scattering

And guess who pulled the alarm - none other than Anna Espinosa

who uses the confusion to make her way to Nadia's room

and fill her with holes

which has Sydney running back towards her sister's room and seeing ...

Anna grabbing a firehose

and making her escape á la Irina Derevko

Syd gives up the chase, runs to Nadia's room, and finds

Nadia was replaced by a bunch of blood bags, good for the real Nadia who was moved by
Sloane to the adjacent room, bad for the elective surgery list and any vampires in the

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