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It might be an alley in a war zone, but there's always time for a briefing session

Seems they need to get to where the Mueller device is centered, on the other side of town, which means traveling by subway if they can get a car powered up,

not to mention avoiding the living dead types in the city, who kill everything and who can't be tranq'd, according to the pierced ear guy

Elena, meanwhile, gets the word from the guard she sent out that the APO and Nadia
are in the city

Sloane takes a team with automatic weapons to meet them and to bring back Nadia

Now Marshall has an idea - mess up the Russian satellite network they need to
deliver the bomb, to give their team more time

only the system is too secure, which means they need an access code from a Russian

Thinking what Jack would do in the circumstances, they opt for blackmail, and look for a high official in the Blackwell index

and find a Russian defence minister on the list

and look

at some of the

blackmail files

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