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Back in the states, Sloane's in jail again, waiting for word on Nadia

A very sympathetic Sydney visits with news - Nadia is stabilized, they haven't figured out how to cure her yet, Sloane gets a trip now to see Nadia, and she believes that Sloane was trying to do the right thing

Woa - thank you

It's Santa Barbara at last

It's all lovey dovey

Syd's all for eloping, and she loves Vaughn

Vaughn's all, hey, sure, I love you, too

which is why I have to tell you something

You're not a bad guy, are you?

Vaughn says, d
epends who you ask, started before we met, and it's the reason we met
when you came to the CIA, and my name isn't Michael Vaughn, and ...

Syd goes thisaway

Vaughn goes thataways

and their car gets broadsided in a crash

And so once more unto the cliffhanger

We're sure all will be revealed once they go down the hatch and find the others on the island,
but we're gonna miss that big red ball thingee - won't seem like Alias without it

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