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Marshall calls the group with the news - Elena has rigged the Russian satellite network to uplink and broadcast the Mueller device signal worldwide as soon as the satellite network is activated by the bombers being launched

It's invasion of Elena's warehouse bunker time, so that they can stop the device themselves

Sloane promises to get them in, but says Elena's made a few changes to the device
so that Irina won't be able to easily disable it

So Irina says, take me to my sister

In another part of the city, it turns out that Nadia actually escapes from the murderous
gang , with the help of her AK-47. and sees ...

an angel fallen from the sky

When she stops to help this guy with a broken leg

she discovers she can't escape from Aunt Elena

So Nadia is brought to the bunker by Elena's guard

Elena gives Nadia an ultimatum - join me, or else

Nadia says, or else, since I'm not killing my sister

So Elena gets out a needle and a vial of water

and infects Nadia


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