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In another heart-to-heart, Syd tells Nadia that Vaughn has asked her to marry him

and it sounds like she wants Nadia as her Maid of Honor

Meanwhile, back at the APO, Weiss is making a call to the minister in the blackmail file

using a pigeon Russian program that isn't working

so Weiss keeps it simple and says, you give us the Milsat codes or the newspapers get the pictures of you

which works and they get the codes. They also find that there is a signal coming out
of Sovogda, which they don't understand

Now Jack in in one of the cars

and finds only a few dead passengers, one with a ringing cell phone

and in a rather sweet moment, Jack answers the phone and tells the dead man's significant other that the man is dead

before he finishes his work on the power supply to the subway car

Vaughn and Irina are finished and join Jack in the car

where Syd joins them and says, isn't Nadia here yet from throwing the last switch manually that we couldn't throw from the switching panel?

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