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Vaughn, who has now also arrived on the roof, picks up Nadia and they head for
the elevator

as Syd

cuts the blue wire

and the big red ball thingee turns into a lot of water

The group makes it into the bunker area just in time

Their monitors show that the device was deactivated, the signal stopped,
and Weiss and Marshall try to contact the team

The team did make it out OK, and are waiting for the choppers, which means Irina is waiting to go back to life imprisonment

She could also just walk to the nearest border by foot, suggests Jack, who says no one will question him about it since no one
can hold onto Irina Derevko for too long


Awwww - nice smooch

Irina then tells Syd that Syd was indeed the chosen one and did indeed take down the greatest evil, and that she's proud of Sydney

Awww, shucks

And she promises that although Syd might not see her on her wedding day,
Irina will see Sydney

And once more, Irina walks off into the night - OK, technically the last time it was
a diving swing off of a tall building but still...

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