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Jack and Irina are making small talk re fate, destiny, horoscopes, and fortune cookies,
when Irina spots something that fits another Rambaldi prophecy

"When blood-red horses roam the streets and angels fall from the skies, the Chosen
One and the Passenger will clash, and only one of them will survive"

Jack says Irina is really through the looking glass and he'll worry when he sees the angel fall from the sky

Irina's starting to feel freaked that she'll lose one of her daughters tonight

At last they arrive at the nearby subway station

and the poor DSR gets himself skewered with a rebar

wielded by this wacko

who gets a bucketfull of lead from Syd and Nadia

The gang enters the subway system

Syd and Nadia work at the switching grid to get them going in the right direction

while Irina and Vaughn work to release the brakes

Irina takes a moment to give Vaughn some advice, not to end up like Jack and
herself, that his activities are not acceptable and that he needs to tell Sydney

Huh? What's Vaughn been doing??

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