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It's a new episode, Syd's got to go to Oxford to retrieve that Rambaldi artifact Sloane
mentioned in the last episode, but first she's got to drop the CIA a paper-bag-in-
the-trash-can message about it

One transatlantic flight later, Syd and Dixon prep for the Oxford party

Anna Espinosa is already at the party, pumping this guy for info on the artifact

and getting her own private showing, but not before she gives the newly-arrived Syd a wink and a nod

Sydney's viewing of the artifact is going to depend on this guy

whose key card in his pocket is going to be duplicated by Syd's magic key card
reader gizmo and Dixon's duplication services

Moments later, Dixon's passing more champagne and a key card to Syd,
and then goes out to alert security about Anna

Now Anna has no trouble knocking out her guide and stealing his key card, but those security guys Dixon alerted show up

and it's soon a two-on-one fight

This time it's Sydney giving the passing nod to hammer-lock-held Anna

before opening the lab with her duplicated key card and then christening the card
reader lock with some nice short-circuiting champagne


so when Anna finally gets free of the guards, the door is now jammed

and this time it's Syd giving a smooch on the other side of the glass

In the lab, Syd finds this assumed Rambaldi artifact

and makes a quick escape with it through the window just before Anna breaks

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