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Re the date on the back, Donato says it must have meant something to Rambaldi, "but he never did tell me what it meant", which has Syd going, say what?

A moment later, the clock is fixed, with a piece missing according to Donato, so it can tell time, but not do whatever else it was suppose to do. Then he says, 'now it's over'

Anna's sniper had had Sydney in the crosshairs, but just as he pulls the
trigger, Donato stands up and gets shot

which means dead Donato

and Sydney running up the stairs with the clock

while dogging bullets

Syd makes it out onto the attractive campanile

and takes a flying leap, attached to her handy campanile-escaping cable

and safely gets to ground and away with the clock

Back in LA at the Sydney house

Francie says she handed in Syd's paper for her, but she also - oops - spilled lemonade on one of Syd's mom's books

Syd says thanks, and that's sticky but no biggee

Later Sydney is reading the lemonade book and discovers


strange markings in the margin

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