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Vaughn gives Sydney her countermission - take pics of what you find and push the button to send them to our satellite

Syd gives Vaughn her grim view of things - like she might not have passed the test, and she won't live in hiding in witness protection

Back at the newspaper, Will finds a semi-tech guy who says the flower pin is a bug,
and probably a spy bug at that

In Argentina

Syd and Dixon hike and find

a Rambaldi symbol covering

a deep cavern, which Syd climbs down into and discovers

a book

with a Rambaldi symbol on the outside

It's Rambaldi's journal

Meanwhile, back at SD-6 Sloane gets the results of Syd's test

which is that Dreyer thinks Syd is the mole

When Syd calls Dixon with news of her find, all she hears are gunshots, and then
Anna's there, fighting and shooting Syd in the Kevlar

Syd shot in the Kevlar

Syd up and climbing after Anna, fighting on the ladder

and falling off the ladder into next episode

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