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Back in LA

Jack's not happy that Sloane had new SD-6 recruit Eloise Kurtz whacked, the one Jack told to pretend to be Kate Jones and lead reporter Will Tippin away from SD-6 and Sydney

Sloane's wondering how Tippin learned of Kate Jones in the first place

Jack says, hey, don't know. But don't go whacking all of Syd's friends and relations
because that's a major bummer for her. And I'll get Will off the story, or if that doesn't
work, I'll kill him

Back at grad school, Syd's got school problems

In the parking garage, Syd's also got stalker problems

from this guy, whom Syd ambushes for some answers

Seems the stalker was SD-6 security, a fact Syd takes up with Sloane ...

who says, hey, security has decided to get tough around here - nothin' personal -
and let's go brief

Briefing Sloane says the artifact Syd retrieved from Oxford was a clock built for
Rambaldi by Giovanni Donato in 1503, Rambaldi's only known collaboration



Marshall explains that there's a gear in the clock that they don't understand, and a date on the back that they don't understand, and also the clock's broken

Since Sloane would like to understand, he wants Syd to go to Positano to visit a direct descendent of Donato who is also a clockmaker, and to get him to fix it

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