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Back in self-storage, more lying-to-the-lie-detector training

and Syd's theory - seems she thinks those marks in those old books of her mom's, the ones her dad had sent as presents to her mom each month from Prague, are KGB code and her dad must have been a spy for the KGB

Oookkkaaayyy, we'll check that one out

Back at the newspaper office, Will he gets a call from his mechanic bud - seems
Eloise Kurtz had taken Will's auto recommendation and left her car to be fixed,
and of course, she hadn't picked it up due to her being dead and all

So Will takes a look

and discovers a strange pin that creates funny noise in his cell phone

Back at SD-6, Marshall's figured out the clock's secret, and it involves the sun
polymer Syd recovered from Spain

Put the sun polymer in the weird gear that no one could figure out, set the time to 2:22, and the clock moves to reveal ...

a star chart hidden in the bubbles of the polymer, so if you go by the date on the back of the clock, August 16, 1523, and the 2:22 time, the only spot on earth with that exact view of the stars is southern slope of Mt. Aconcagua on the Chile-Argentina border

Sloane says, Syd, you and Dixon are goin' to Argentina, but first go see Dreyer in
lie detection

Syd looks at Dad

and Dad looks at Syd

Then we're all looking at Dreyer in lie detection

Syd in lying-to-the-lie-detection

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