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It's Positano

and Syd

It's Syd convincing Donato to see her

by showing him the Rambaldi clock

In the meantime back at SD-6, Jack needs to talk to an airline contact about a
certain passenger manifest

A little later, Will's editor shows up with the passenger manifest of the Danny Hecht
flight, the one Will told her had Danny sitting next to a Kate Jones

only there is no Kate Jones on the manifest, from which Will's editor makes the conclusion that

Will has absolutely no facts to support his Danny Hecht murder story, so drop it and if you do this again, you're out on your keester


Back in Positano, Donato talks about the first Giovanni Donato, how precise his
timepieces were, and how the only commission he took was from Rambaldi

Inquisitive Syd inquires, why?

Seems Rambaldi promised Donato an impossibly long life, revealed to him when he would die, and he was right

Donato explains that the symbol on the clock's front is the magnific order of Rambaldi,
Rambaldi's most loyal followers entrusted with safeguarding his creations


which unfortunately nowadays has been infiltrated by some criminals

like this one

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