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At the end of Season Four, we left Sydney in Vaughn in a car that was being broad-
sided, just after Vaughn made his prophetic pronouncement that he was not really
Michael Vaughn and that maybe he might not be a good guy

Well, it seems that they've ended up in this ditch near a corn field

where Syd has a brief moment of consciousness, says 'Vaughn' and then passes out again

Next time it's this paramedic that shakes her awake

Now Syd thinks it's odd that paramedics

are packing pistols stuck in their belts

so when he suggest a hypodermic, Syd decides he can try it first himself

and then makes a dash

for the corn

while being shot at by these two who had been loading Vaughn in an ambulance

Syd takes out a couple of the goons

before she catches sight of

Vaughn being put into a helicopter

with a clear view of the guy riding shotgun

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