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So with Dixon's help, Syd reroutes the security system, Vaughn opens the safe and
gets the manuscript

only to be interrupted by their host's daughter

who calmly pushes the alarm

So Syd and Vaughn dash to the edge of the property, during which Syd gets a call
from her doctor

Syd says, got some news before we escape

Syd's pregnant, and Vaughn's stunned

But more on that later, as Syd and Vaughn jump off the cliff

and parachute to safety

Meanwhile, at a nearby prison

Sloane has been searching obscure medical texts in the hope of finding some sort
of cure for Nadia, still being kept in a coma, since he's responsible and he needs
out of jail to do her any good

Jack says, I'm workin' on it, and did you task Vaughn to go to Marseilles three times last year?

Sloane says nope, let me see the records

Sloane finds the pattern - Vaughn's movements track with an infamous assassin
named Le Couveau or The Raven, aka Renée Rienne

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