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It's Vaughn's funeral

with the whole crew in attendance

and Syd looking sad

and the casket being carried

and Syd looking sad

and Jack looking concerned, but not giving out hugs, or an arm, or anything, to Syd

and Syd looking .... hmmmm

Four months later, it's a London bar, and Syd looking very mod-dish

Seems she's been looking for this bartender for a long time, one Renée Rienne

who isn't happy about being found until Syd says it's about Michael Vaughn

and Renée is suddenly very interested
So, is Vaughn really dead?
If that's the case, why wasn't Syd crying and Jack comforting?
Did the plans the APO were making get put into motion?
What was in the drink Syd was giving Vaughn in the hospital?
Did she put anything in Vaughn's hand when she got to say her goodbyes?
What's at the Cape Town villa, that APO is interested in?
Will Sloane get out of jail?
Will Jack continue to drink water?
Will the baby be delivered during Sweeps?

Hmmm ... promising, promising

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