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Dean is still after Vaughn's encrypted files

which are being decrypted by someone as good as Marshall,and they've got
info that Vaughn passed through Italian customs last night

Dean says, you're a genius

and the decrypter says, yeah, I know - and we get our first view of the new perky series regular

So somewhere in Italy, Syd and Vaughn drive up to their rendezvous with Lehman

As they wait, Syd says, how're you feelin' about the bun in the oven, the potential progeny, the babe, the bambino, the smaller Vaughn/Michaux ...

Vaughn says he's kind of worried, hoping things would have been safer in their world before the arrival

but on further thought, it's great, but he's got a lot to learn

Syd says, me too

They see Lehman

so Vaughn heads over to meet him

and hands him the manuscript

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