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Now Sydney is busy trying to match

her drawing of the guy in the helicopter to known baddies and spies

When Dixon stops by, Syd needs some encouragement, 'cause what if she's been wrong about Vaughn all this time?

Dixon says, remember that night in the finale from Season One where I didn't believe you when you told me to trust you? I'd like a do-over for that one

Back with Vaughn/Michaux, he's still not talking, so the head bad guy tells his flunky
to bring in the ring finger of Sydney

which has Vaughn/Michaux saying, OK, I'll tell, but first you have to fix my shoulder
so I can decode the message with my pencil, which they do

which means he can hit and kick and fight again

and can get the info that Sydney isn't really in their grasp at all

So Vaughn evades the bad guys, jumps out the window onto a cushy dumpster

and dashes off to call Sydney, saying, don't tell anyone it's me calling, and bring me my father's watch to the locker dead drop you used in some other case

Syd says she'll have to think about it

just as she's interrupted by these feds. Dean says she'll be listed as a traitor
if she doesn't tell where Vaughn is. Jack says, hey, even if he's innocent, it's safer
if he is brought in out of the cold ... or warm, depending on where the heck he is

It's warm, 'cause he's in Mexico city

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