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Evetually Syd is rescued and checked out at the hospital

and interrogated by Gordon Dean, Office of Special Investigations,who wants to know if Vaughn was anxious and preoccupied, and by the way marital status doesn't trump national security

Syd says, hey, he was relaxed, happy, and what the heck are you talking about?

At this point, Jack interrupts and tells Dean to talk later. After Dean leaves, Jack warns
Syd that she needs to be very careful what she says, since apparently Vaughn
has been under investigation and the crash might have been a planned extraction

Somewhere in a locked room, the extracted/rescued/kidnapped Vaughn gets a visitor

This visitor says, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Michaux

Seems Vaughn/Michaux has a dislocated shoulder, and a package his captors intercepted containing a tape player with a fake battery holding a rolled-up piece of paper

which has these numbers, which they want Vaughn/Michaux to decipher

They also want to know where someone named Lehman is, and use some pain to
jog Vaughn/Michaux's memory

Back at APO, Syd's wondering about Vaughn's comment that it wasn't a coincidence that he became Syd's handler, and so she asks Weiss about it

Weiss says, 'cause he asked, 'cause he likes a challenge, etc., and hey, he's not disloyal

Meanwhile, Marshall's busy looking into Vaughn's files

for Dean, who says, hey, hurry things up, Mr. 'Blinkman'

Now this mispronunciation of Marshall's name might not encourage extra effort but it does encourage seeds of contempt

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