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And so Dean and group head to to this building in Mexico City

and Vaughn heads for the dead drop locker

and Dean et. al. blow the door

and Vaughn looks up and sees ....

Sydney with his father's watch

and not Dean et. al. ! Hey, that was tricky, having us thinking Syd had ratted him out
only to discover she hadn't. So Dean et. al. find an empty warehouse while ...

at some other as yet unrevealed location, Syd wants the truth and Vaughn's real name

It's André MIchaux and he'll tell all as they go for the rendezvous

through the streets of what looks like Rome

Seems that Vaughn was contacted seven years ago by some woman whose father
had worked with his father on some special project called Prophet Five, originated
by a man named Mueller, and which people have gone to great lengths to cover up.
Oh, and Vaughn's dad was a mathematician before he was a CIA agent

When Syd arrived four seasons ago at the CIA with a story involving stealing the Mueller device, it was first proof that Vaughn/Michaux had that Prophet Five might be real. Oh, and Vaughn's dad changed his name and identity of the whole family when Vaughn was only 18 months old
, to protect them

And the man they're meeting today is James Lehman who worked with both fathers, someone he and the woman have been looking for for ages. And the woman's name is Renée Rienne, a name that shocks Sydney

Back at APO, Jack is channeling Sloane and pouring water

while Dean is saying, I'm classifying Vaughn as a fugitive and your daughter as an accomplice, unless you help me find them

and Jack suggests he try Mexico City

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