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After Dean leaves, Marshall says, Dean will never break Vaughn's files because Marshall super-encrypted them

Jack says, bring me the originals

Vaughn and Syd arrive at their rendezvous, using Dad Vaughn's watch to
prove who they are

to Lehman, a cryptologist for the Pentagon, who was recruited in 1972 to work on a special project by a private foundation, trying to decrypt an unbreakable code on a page of a fifteenth century book called "Profeta Cinque", or The Fifth Prophet
That's how Lehman met Vaughn's father, a mathematician recruited by this same foundation. And after a number of years, they deciphered the page and found the text dealt with advanced genetics 500 years ahead of its time -
hmmm, sounds familiar

After the decryption, everyone who had worked on the job were dropping like flies,
which is why Vaughn's dad told Lehman to flee, which he did.
And the reason Lehman
contacted Vaughn now is because he's got a lead on the where the whole book is


in Cape Town

where Syd and Vaughn pretend to be a French couple, crash a party,

and load a champagne glass full of a doctored drink

which Syd substitutes on a waiter's tray

Then there's a spell of waltzing to "Sleeping Beauty" until

the poor sap who got the doctored drink passes out and creates a big diversion

Vaughn heads for the study and the safe

while Syd makes her way to the security system

and calls Dixon for help, reminding him simply what he said about if he had to do it over again

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