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It's off to the operating room for ventilated Vaughn

while Jack arrives and chastises Sydney for running off and joining Vaughn since he's got proof Vaughn is involved with a known terrorist

Syd says, hey, I know, Renée Rienne, and we're having a baby, which has Jack changing his tune and promising to help

The word from the doc is that Vaughn is alive, but lots of organ damage, and they'll
know more in 24 hours -
yep, 40-odd bullet wounds to the chest can be tricky

While Syd heads for Vaughn's bedside, Jack gets a call from Dixon

who says the news from Chase is that Dean is not Special Investigations, that he's been presumed dead for two years


Back in Vaughn's room, with the ventilated operatee semi-conscious

Jack drops by and gives the message - Dean is a well-placed and well-connected ghost

which has Syd asking, what can we do?

Well, first thing is to mobilize the APO crew, so Jack talks ....

to Dixon, who says passports and transport are aranged by some Italian friend of theirs

to Weiss, who has the plans of the Cape Town villa, and teams ready to roll

to Marshall, who says, no info yet on Prophet Five at DOD but he'll check back further

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